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Corporate Health & Wellness

Commscope CorpWe have worked with World Champions, Olympic medalists and brand leaders in Business. Working with professionals of this calibre, where we engage, inspire, stimulate and support our clients allows them to develop more effective and supportive working environments and achieve higher productivity with their workforce but also achieve better financial results. Some of our most recent clients include: 

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What are the Benefits?

The benefits to employees of a healthier workforce are many, and by demonstrating to your staff about how they can improve their health and well-being you’re sending a clear message that you are focused not just on results today, but on the successful futures of each individual you employ. 

One of our most popular modules is where we come into your workplace and demonstrate Healthy Food, Snacks, Desserts and Lunches for a quick "Lunch & Learn" session;



We also offer a range of other programs and services which can de tailored to meet your needs. These include;

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    • Health & Nutrition
    • Resilience & Stress Management
    • Nutrition & Weight Management
    • Healthy Food Workshops

Customized Solutions

We can customize our talks, workshops and demonstrations to suit your needs. So whether you need to educate your employees about the challenges of Shift Work or how to maximize performance, we can tailor programs to be delivered in a timeframe, environment and manner that dovetails in with your desired outcomes.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

"Tell me, I'll forget, Show me, I'll remember, Involve me I'll understand"

We bring the solution to you. We set up a kitchen in your workplace and demonstrate a number of healthy alternatives. We show how to prepare healthy lunches, family meals, delicious snacks and demonstrate how to plan your meals around a hectic lifestyle. This is a very hands-on expericence where clients learn, retain and incorporate what they learn into their daily routine. It's also a great deal of fun!

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Assessment & Transformation Programs

We can arrange a full assessment of your employees health along with a Health Risk Assessment. Implementing change can be a scary prospect, but we provide the tools and supports to make this achievable and fun. We can scale a transforamtion program for your organisation which sets goals, offers advice on Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Loss. We can create a structured healthy lifestyle program that will include an eating and exercise guide to overcome our biggest challenges and create fitter, stronger, healthier people. This can take the format of a 12 week program with assessment, goal-setting, weigh-In's, Diaries and Nutritional Support.

 For a more detailed look at our Modules, just check here;

1. General Health & Nutrition

2. Nutrition for Health & Weight Management

3. Resilience & Stress Management

4. Healthy Cookery Workshops

Innovation in how we communicate ensures exceptional engagement, productive employees and lower costs.  Our initiatives will help sustain a vibrant and healthy workforce. Where success is measured by results and margins, this demands the highest professional standard and attention to every detail. Empowering employees, powering business.

Your Needs

There is a growing awareness of the significance of  healthy eating habits for individuals and families. Healthy workers are not only happier but do better on performance measures, build resilience, goal achievement and productivity. Each program can be customized to suit your organizations requirement. We take everything into consideration including audience, desired outcomes, methods and timeframe.

We collaborate with you in putting together an enlightening, educational and highly dynamic program focused on teaching participants skills and techniques to sustain a healthy positive attitude at work.


Inovation in how we communicate ensures exceptional engagement, productive employees and lower costs.  Our initiatives will help sustain a vibrant and healthy workforce.


Empowering employees, Powering Business