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Elite Performance & Recovery


 Working with The Elite


Jamie Heaslip 

Leinster & Ireland

Jamie  Tom

Working with some the best Rugby players in the world keeps the bar at the very highest level for us. We work with these guys on several levels looking at ultimately how we can optimise their recovery and influence performance. We share that passion, that drive to be the very best with them and are really honoured to work with the best of the best. 

"It's an honour for me to work with Jamie Heaslip. He is at the very pinnacle of Irish Rugby and has been for some time. His attention to detail and insights are fascinating. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys in professional sport."


John Muldoon, Quinn Roux & Tom McCartney

Connacht Squad


Connacht Squad

John Muldoon the Connacht Captain is a herculean figure in Irish and International Rugby. He is a natural born leader, a warrior, a professional and such a gentelman. Again working with John Muldoon and the other lads in Connacht epitomises what we are all about in My Nutrition Ireland. A huge thanks to those guys and no doubt continued success. 


Fatigue Science & Nutrition in Rugby

Fatigue science is an emerging area that has gained a lot of attention recently no thanks to the work being carried out by Tom Coleman. It deals with the impact that Fatigue, Sleep and Physical Activity has on players ability to perform. Tom Coleman has not only delivered workshops on Sleep & Elite Athletes to most of the provinces in Ireland but has also pioneered the use of advanced technology in assessing the impact of mental fatigue and sleep on players.Tom Speaker

He continues to work with leading Rugby professionals using the knowledge gained and tailoring individual Nutritional Strategies to a players training, rest and sleep schedule in such a way as to harness the power of hormonal responses naturally occurring during the day.

"My focus tends to be on the things players do away from the training pitch and gym. Areas like Nutrition, Sleep and Optimizing Recovery are often looked over or are even a blind spot for coaches" 

"A drop in mental fatigue can easily mean a drop in reaction time and task effectiveness. We ensure players are going into games at 100% and harnessing the natural powers of circadian rythms with the best Nutrition and Sleep strategy possible. 

If you think you would like to know more about the impact of mental fatigue, Sleep, Optimized Nutrition or any other area mentioned, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


John Kavanagh MMA Coach



 John Kavanagh -SBG Gym. World leading MMA Coach

Since Tom Coleman first delivered a workshop for John Kavanagh in Straight Blast Gym Dublin, he has since been asked to work with fighters in the gym and take care of their Nutritional and Fatigue Management Needs. Tom now works very closely with Ben Forsyth, a professional MMA Fighter who fights out of SBG Ireland. Tom has designed a specific Nutritional Strategy and Fatigue Management Plan for Ben. Bens next fight is in April and already the fighters is feeling and performing much better under the guidance of Tom Coleman. 




Nutrition for Gaelic Games

Tom Coleman has worked with sports professionals, clubs and coaches from a wide variety of sports. Tom Speaking Shelley 2He is available to give talks accompanied by presentations on all aspects of Nutrition. Performance and Recovery. His expertize has been sought after by athletes competing at the very highest level of Irish sport in Rugby, MMA, Boxing, Gaelic Games, Soccer and many other areas.

"For teams and guys serious about improving performance in Gealic Games, Nutrition has to be on the agenda in a big way. It's what teams do away from the training field that has the most to influence in changing performance"

We have designed and a Nurtitonal Program and talk specifically targetting Performance and Recovery for Gaelic Games. Tom is now available to give talks to clubs. 

Nutrition for Gaelic Games

  • 1 Hour Pesentation on Nutrition
  • Nutritional Strategy for Game Days
  • Fuel for Training
  • Hydration & Fatigue
  • Meals & Foods Pre-Game
  • Post-Workout Strategy
  • Easy to understand Practical Information


The talk is packed full of useful practical and easy to understand information. Tom brings his years of expertise working with Irelands very best athletes to the table. The presentation contains the latest research on how Nutrition and Hydration can influence Aerobic performance, strenght, speed and power. He also incorporates the latest knowledege on Sleep, Fatigue and scheduling to help players deal with training, travel and game days. 



We understand the margins are so small and elite athletes and clubs are always on that leading edge looking for those precious few percentages that will make the difference. Elite Nutrition for Sports offers that and more. We work with World Champions, Olympic Athletes, professional athlets, top rugby, soccer and Gaelic Teams as well as top business professionals.

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Sports Nutrion has evolved and top professionals now recognise the role it has to play in performnace and recovery. There has been a huge amount of research in the past 10 years dedicated to evaluating the effect of Nutrition on supporting and enhancing athletic performance. The result is a universal scientific consensus that diet & hydration have a profound effect on performance.

Proper pre-workout, post-workout Nutrition and hydration has been proven to effect performance in the following ways:

  • Help you train longer and at a higher intensity
  • Delay the onset of fatigue
  • Promote recovery
  • Help your body adapt to workouts
  • Improve body composition and strength
  • Enhance concentration and co-ordination
  • Help maintain healthy immune function
  • Reduce the chance of injury
  • Reduce the risk of cramps and stomach aches


Sports Nutrition Presentations

We work with clients in choosing the most relevant topics depending on the needs of the club or individual. These presentations are delivered in a manner in which the audience can easily understand the concepts as well as develop their understanding of Nutrition and how it can most benefit them. They are fun, informative with an element of audience participation. Sample Topics & Sports Specific Programs.



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Steven Gaughan -World DFPA Silver Medal, European DFPA Gold Medal 75Kg.

"A huge thank you to My Nutrition for all the help, I can honestly say it made a huge difference to my results. Very professional and friendly. I look forward to working with My Nutrition again in preparation for the National and International COmpetitions"

Steven has gone on competing and has recently become the IDFPA Jnr. 75KG European Champion. A huge congratulations to Steven from My Nutrition. Directly after his victory at the Europeans Steven stated; "I felt focused and full of energy all day, nothing but good things to say about My Nutrition".



PracticaStevie Gaughanl Demonstrations

As well as being fun, these demonstrations show people how to prepare foods, snacks and drinks for their relevant sports or goals. Clients get to know exactly how to prepare delicious healthy food, taste the foods, plan meals and learn about the nutritional value of foods. Gallery.
We have successfully worked with individuals, Professional Athletes as well as Teams, Sports Clubs and Organisations to provide expert knowledge on Nutrition, Hydration, Improving Performance & Exercise.


Sports Specific Programs

We have develped specific presentations on aspects of Nutrition & Performance relating to particular Sports. We can develop a specialist Presentation for your club/team and provide you with;

  • Meal plans
  • Nutritional Strategies
  • Expert Advice on Performance
  • Supplements
  • Pre & Post Workout Meals
  • Competition Day Nutrition
  • Gaining or Losing Weight

We work with coaches, trainers and management teams in assessing the needs of teams & individulas with great success. Some of the tops clubs in Ireland have availed of our services. We have worked with full tim Professional Athletes and Organisations and they have benefited from our expertise by excelling. Some of our programs include;

  • Fueling Performance in GAA
  • Special Nutrition for Soccer
  • The Last Round Boxing Program
  • Sports Nutrition & Hydration for Triathlons & Endurance Sports
  • Sports Nutrition & Hydration for Runners


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Assess Individual Performance

We can assess individuals within the team in relation to diet, eating habits, Nutritional Supplementation, lifestyle and exercise regime in order to maximize training, improve performance and optimize training. We understand that individuals need different diets, supplements and guidance to maximize performance.

Powerlifters - How to Drop a Weight Division & Not lose Strength. Free.

Contact us here to discuss your needs. We use the latest scientific research and are driven to get results.